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Tips when shopping for baby and toddler bedding

September 25, 2018
Tips when shopping for baby and toddler bedding

Shopping for baby or toddler bedding might seem like the simplest task, but think again. When a child is small, they spend several hours on their backs, dreaming of their next nap. So, in this case, the type of bedding they’re wrapped in will play a role in their ability to sleep soundly without disrupting you.

Much like any bedroom for children or adults, the bed can make or break the atmosphere you experience in a bedroom. Bedding shopping for children is also an exciting experience for parents as you’re able to inject some colour and creativity into your child’s bedroom through their crib or bed. And, since kiddies’ bedding options are always often colourful, you can really dress up a room with ease.

If you want to maximise your child’s ZZZs, consider the following tips:

Choose lighter fabric: Babies and toddlers struggle to regulate their temperatures during the evening, so be careful with adding blankets or bedding of a certain material that could feel heavy on their bodies and cause them to overheat. Always choose soft, light fabric for children as these are the safer options to avoid overheating or having your child getting tangled in the blankets. (You can monitor their heat by putting a thermometer in their bedroom or by touching their tummy.) Simply put, you should opt for nothing other than a basic, light fitted sheet for your child’s mattress. As for the blanket used to cover them, consider natural, non-allergic cotton which is baby-friendly and subtle on their skin.

Choose a fabric that is comfortable: As briefly mentioned, natural fibres work best on baby and toddler skin as they’re usually quite sensitive. Try to find breathable cotton which can be used in cold and warm conditions. If your child is under 12-months, duvets and pillows are not recommended. Also, make sure you find the right sized sheets and blankets by measuring your mattress before purchasing a particular item. This small task will save you the headache of having to keep fixing the sheet or blanket whenever it shifts off their bed. Also, the bigger the blanket, the heavier it is for your child.

Make sure it’s easy to clean: As much as you would love to buy white bedding, unfortunately, it’s not practical. Bedding can get dirty easily, especially with a baby or toddler. Sometimes they’ll make an accident in the bed or spill something when they grow older, so choose easy-to-clean bedding that will make your life easier.

Take risks with your child’s bedding: The older your child becomes, try to take risks with their bedding and make the most of their room. It’s always fun to dress up a bed, and the more appealing a bed looks to a child, the more they will be willing to sleep. Most young girls are drawn to pink and princess imagery and boys are drawn to something that has some form of transport or animal. Geometric styles are the modern approach, but if you want to go for the more traditional styles of bedding for children, stick to their interests. After all, your child is only young once, so have fun.

Shop smartly: Not every home store offers baby or toddler bedding in South Africa. There are a select number of online retailers that do, with competitive pricing. Baby goods can be extremely costly, but if you know where to shop for your items, you will be able to find something that matches your budget. Choose a store that holds regular bedding specials on their bedding online. This way, you’ll be able to style your child’s bedroom and your home or mix and match completely at an affordable price.  

Let your child help you decide: The older your child gets, the more it’s recommended for you to involve them in creative projects so that they also have their say. For example, let them choose the colour of bedding they want from a bedding catalogue. Even if it’s something you’re not 100 percent happy with, be sure to invest in their interests as it will allow them to feel more connected to their new bed. Nothing will make a child more excited and happy to know that they chose their bedding colours and patterns.

Final words

As you can see, buying bedding for your child is not always as easy as it seems. As a first-time mother, it’s essential to do your research so that you can purchase the right items for your most precious gift.

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