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Top tips for road-tripping with friends

July 18, 2018

Going on a road trip with friends is thrilling and can help to broaden your horizons… but only if you are all on the same page when it comes to music, food and destination. If you are planning on going on a road trip with your friends, you will need to be prepared for any eventuality, including running out of snacks before you have even reached your destination. Read on below for top tips for road-tripping with friends.

Clean your car before and during the trip

Almost all of the used cars in Gauteng are sold after having a full wash and valet, but, let’s be honest, our car never stays as clean as it was when we bought it. Before you head off on your great adventure, you will need to clean your car thoroughly before your friends arrive for the trip.


You will need to get rid of any bubblegum wrappers, fast food packaging, water bottles as well as vacuum up any pet hair that may have become attached to the sheets. During the trip, be sure to put all food wrappers and packaging that accumulate into a bag that you can throw away at your next stop. Ask your friends to keep their waste to a minimum so there is not too much to get rid of when you reach your hotel or next stop off. Driving around in a cluttered car is not comfortable for anyone, and will make the trip unpleasant.

Do a vehicle check before and during the trip

Before you set off, it is important to do a full vehicle check on your car, as you would when inspecting used cars for sale in Pretoria. Be sure to ask your mechanic to check all fluid levels, to check your brakes, the tyre pressure and to refill your oil and water to the right levels.


Be sure that your spare tyre is fully inflated and that you have a set of jumper cables on hand. You should also have a first aid kit in your car, as well as a bottle of water for refilling the water in your car during a stop on a hot day. It is imperative to ensure that your car is roadworthy before you go on a long drive in order to avoid any accidents along the way. Whenever you stop off to fill up with petrol, ask the attendant to check the water, oil and tyre pressure before leaving.

Spend time planning it out

There is nothing worse than heading out on a road trip without a clear plan in mind. Not only will it feel muddled and unexciting, but it will cause conflict with your friends when deciding on what to do and where to stop off.


At least a week before your road trip is scheduled, sit down with your friends and ask them where they would like to go on the road trip. You should also have an idea of why you want to go on a road trip with your friends, as this will help you to come up with a plan of action and a list of places to visit en route to your destination. Make a list of people who you want to invite and ask for their input too, but be sure that the people you invite get along with your friends well enough to happily spend hours together in a cramped car.

Don’t forget the car entertainment

Once you have planned out your trip, you will need to look for exciting and fun car entertainment. This can include card games for those with enough space in the backseat, games like ‘Explain a movie plot badly’ that even the driver can take part in or an audiobook that you are all interested in ‘reading’.


One fantastic way to stay entertained is to get together and create a playlist of all of your favourite songs to sing along to. Each friend can choose their favourite song and everyone has to sing along as well as (or as badly as) they can. This is a game that everyone can take part in and will help to keep the driver awake and alert, which is vital on long road trips.


Have fun together

Don’t forget to pack snacks and bring along enough water for everyone. Plan out your playlist to suit everyone’s needs and remember to check your car’s performance before and during the trip. Getting your valeted before you leave will ensure a clean, safe and comfortable ride for everyone (and will save you the embarrassment of your friends finding your secret snack wrappers). Spend at least a week planning the route out and make sure that everyone’s preferences are included and nobody feels left out.

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