What are the most common skincare problems?

October 9, 2017

When you look in the mirror each morning, what do you see? Your face and skin, of course. It doesn’t matter whether you spend 30 seconds every morning or have a  pre-bedtime ritual, almost everyone has a skincare routine. You might have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of your face, but you sometimes sabotage your skin without realising it.

Many people are obsessed with their skins and will do anything and everything to protect it.

Your skin covers and protects your entire body. So you should take care of it for a clear complexion and graceful aging. When it comes to preventing damage and premature aging, your daily routine can make a major difference.

You’re going through your skincare routine daily to keep your face glowing and gorgeous, but what if you’re doing things wrong? It could lead to skin dryness, breakouts and redness. And just because you spend money on skincare products doesn’t mean they’re right for you.

There are a few things you should take care of while caring for your skin. Here are six common skincare mistakes to avoid.

Not applying sunscreen daily

You should add sunscreen to your daily regime. This is the biggest concern for your skin. But it doesn’t matter whether you’re stepping outdoors or not, you should always apply a sunscreen. UV rays not only come from sun rays, they can affect you while you’re indoors too. They can be released from your tube-lights and other bulbs. Always wear sunscreen to cover up your skin from UV damage.

Overly exfoliating your skin

This is another major skincare problem. Any good skincare routine begins with the all-important cleansing process but how much scrubbing is too much? Any exfoliation that causes your skin to adopt certain changes means you’re likely exfoliating more than you should. Many people overly exfoliate their skin so that no dead cells appear on their face, but they forget that exfoliation shouldn’t be done more than once or twice (three times at a stretch) a week. You need to give your skin enough time to replenish and rejuvenate. And exfoliating too much can cause dry, irritable skin with wrinkles and even scars.

Not choosing the right products

Many people tend to use oil-absorbing products when their skin breaks out. It’s important that you realise there’s a difference between oily skin and skin suffering with acne. It’s not a given that your skin will break out if you have oily skin. You should always try to test products on your skin and only then finalise the products in your daily routine. For a 24 hour moisturiser, why not try out the Ingrams tissue oil cream? It has been specially formulated with oils known to replenish and restore your skin’s barrier. While at that, check out the benefits of aloe vera in Ingram’s Aloe Vera products. That might help you choose the right one.

Also, find out what type of skin a product is formulated for. If you want to see results in your skincare routine, it’s important that you use products only formulated for the unique needs of your skin.

Not having a specific eating plan

You should have a specific diet plan because what you eat affects your health. Similarly, what your skin absorbs will affect its health. Eating too much junk or oily food will be reflected on your face the next day. Why not opt for fruit and veggies? They’re rich sources of vitamins, minerals and lots of antioxidants. It maintains the elasticity of the skin and keeps it healthy. If you eat nutritious food, you’ll have glowing and radiant skin.

Not getting enough sleep

The stress of work and the hustle-bustle of life in general can leave you with little time to sleep or see you struggling to fall asleep. Skin rejuvenates best during the night. Inadequate sleep will cause problems like dark circles, puffy eyes and dullness. You would have already noticed puffiness and dark circles the day after a night of no sleep. That’s because when sleeping, tissue repair happens. So it’s important for you to have enough sleep. Eight to 10 hours per night is optimum. You’ll feel a difference and your skin will thank you for it.

Sleeping with makeup

Many people return home from work or an event and sleep with their makeup still on. The best time for your skin to renew cells is in the evening. But makeup becomes a hindrance to the growth and replenishment of your skin. So clean your face before going to bed and apply a moisturiser. Not cleaning your skin can clog your pores and cause inflammation, resulting in pimples and acne.

Taking care of your skin should become a habit. You should be committed to caring for the health of your skin.

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