What is the importance of donating clothes to disaster relief?

January 17, 2019

After a disaster, many people are left with only the clothes on their backs when it struck. And this means that they might not have any clean and dry clothes to wear afterwards. By donating clothes to disaster relief organisations, you can help these people feel more comfortable and warm without having to break the bank. Remember though, that it is better to donate new clothes rather than used clothes.

If you are wondering what to donate to charity in order to help their cause, some of your charitable donations could include affordable new clothes for children, as well as men and women. However, when you donate to any nonprofit organisation, remember to ask for their specific needs as they might only be asking for certain items. Read on for more information on why donating clothes to charitable organisations is important.

It helps the victims remain dignified

While your local nonprofit organisation might prefer to receive charitable contributions in the form of money, donating clothes can also help the victims of disaster. They will likely feel shocked and even embarrassed at their appearances after they have been hit by a flood, fire or storm.

You can donate gently used clothes that you no longer use or you could purchase new clothes to donate. If you find you do not have enough clothing to send in a package, try to raise money in your community to buy more clothing. Helping people to feel dignified after a catastrophic event can help with their physical and emotional healing processes.

It can help with fundraising

Now, this might not be something you thought of but your donated clothing can be used to help the organisation with physical or even online fundraising. They can set up a charity shop on their premises and use the money raised from selling clothes to send to their disaster relief sector for further funding.

This does not mean they are not grateful for your contributions, simply that there might not be enough space for another shipment of clothes for the victims. Many disaster relief organisations are inundated with used clothing, and often cannot find a use for it. By allowing them to sell your donations as second-hand items, you are helping them to raise money for their charitable efforts.

You can lift spirits with new items

When someone has been hit with a disaster, and they have lost everything they own, seeing a package of new clothing for them to wear can help to lift their spirits immensely. It shows them that the world cares about their wellbeing and wants to help them feel better about the situation they are in.

It is important to remember that new clothes are preferred over old or frequently used items, but if you have clothing that you have only worn once or twice, this will be accepted too. It is most helpful for teenagers and young children who might have lost everything to a disaster, as they appreciate small things that can help them to feel more like themselves. You could donate new baby clothes or outfits that older children will appreciate and to lift the spirits of the victims.

It can help the environment

By donating clothes instead of disposing of them, you are limiting your impact on the environment. Many clothes are made out of synthetic fibres today, and these fibres might take years to biodegrade which can affect the environment. Donating gently used clothes can help the environment even if it is in a small way.

The clothes will be put to good use and will not simply be thrown away, meaning that there will be less impact on the environment. And, if the people who are receiving your clothes have just suffered from a natural disaster, they likely want to impact the environment as little as possible. So be sure to stockpile your gently used clothes so that you can donate them when you see a call for help during a natural disaster.

You can help when nobody else is able to

Not everybody is able to donate money or clothes which means that sometimes, charities do not have enough to go around. But if you donate what you have, you will be helping out when nobody else is able to, allowing the disaster relief organisation to help as much as they can.

And as mentioned previously, physical donations can help if the budget for the charity is tight or if they need more money to help their cause. If nobody else can help with monetary donations, then donating gently used clothes can provide just as much assistance. Not only will you feel better about the clothes you have accumulated and not worn, but you will be giving genuine help to people during their time of need.

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