What you should tell your nanny on her first day of work

February 16, 2016

Shows like Nanny 911 have inspired parents all over to teach their little ones good manners and civil behaviour. Now that the time has come to leave your little one in the hands of your own Nanny McPhee, you are going to need a few tips. After doing background checks and negotiating pay, you will have to go over the routine of your home. For first timers, leaving a nanny with your child is fearful choice to make, but after you run over a couple of things with your nanny, all will be at ease.


Important information


Get all the necessary information from your nanny such as her address, phone number, email and contact number of her next of kin. Then provide her with your contact details and the best way to get hold of you in case of an emergency. Also be sure to provide her with contact details of the pediatrician, school, a close friend, family member or neighbor – all written down in an easy place to find in case she needs them.


Regarding the home


Provide the nanny with her own set of house keys, as well as entry cards or passes to the school or community center if your kids go there. If there are any appliances that she may need to make use of such as the air conditioning, TV, washing machine or dishwasher, ensure that she knows how to make use of them. Remember that your nanny is not the maid, she can lay on your lounge suites instead of doing laundry.


Get into protocol


Write down the protocols for the first few weeks until your nanny gets the swing of things. This would include school schedule, naps, classes and  practices, extracurricular activities, meals, snacks and homework. Inform her about the schedule the kids may have so that she may not disrupt the routine you have already instituted. Give her a run down of the day’s activities, especially if these are subject to change. Always schedule regular check-ins with your nanny to go over any concerns that come up on the job.

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