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Why live in Joburg

August 28, 2015

Johannesburg is central to all of Africa, in terms of many areas. After all, it is “South Africa’s largest city and by far the most powerful economic machine on the African continent.” Indeed, in terms of Africa, it’s the second largest on the continent. In 2014, Jo’burg was the “African continent’s most visited city for the second consecutive year in the Mastercard Global Cities index.”

There is something special about Joburg beyond it being a business hub – though its centrality to economy and finance makes it an ideal place for work. And if it’s an ideal place to work, it then must mean it can be an ideal place to live.

Consider for example the annual income. As Joburg Tourism notes: “The average annual income per household is R31 048, which is on average 57% higher than that for South Africa as a whole, and 9% higher than the GGP per capita for Gauteng.”

This means, you will get more for your job in Joburg than pretty much anywhere else – this is due to its central focus as an economic hub of Africa. Indeed, you may want to get a head start and look at business schools in Johannesburg, to begin your urban life from a good advantage.

Further, Joburg has cheaper houses in relation to salaries than elsewhere. For example, in comparison to Cape Town:

“Property tends to be cheaper in Johannesburg than in Cape Town, … and also tends to be larger. While Capetonians may have beautiful natural scenery, many of the houses in Joburg’s suburbs have wonderfully tended gardens, cultivating a sense of natural beauty in even the densest of suburbs and adding value to real estate in the city for prospective renters and buyers.”

Furthermore, in Joburg “residential suburbs [have] leafy streets (the city has over 6 million trees), high concrete walls and gated communities. Socialising is done in secure malls with guards on the door.”

Joburg has a bustling culture and night-life that perfectly fits with the urban living so many expect and wish for. For example, Gold Reef City is a world-renowned theme park many visit all the time; you can encounter the rich history of South Africa by visiting the apartheid museum or ancient history, by visiting Wits University Origins Centre. Another suggestion is to spend a day and leave the city to heard to nearby Maropeng. This is where you’ll find the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site. It marks some of the earliest humanoid discoveries we have ever made.

Culture and art are also of major importance, jazz clubs, art galleries, museums, night clubs and many other areas for socializing and cultural engagement exist.

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