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Why you should go to the movies as a family activity

February 22, 2019

Going to the movies in a cinema can be a thrilling experience. And it can bring back some fun nostalgia for parents enjoying time with their children. Some of the movies playing today are perfect for an afternoon family outing and can strengthen the bond between parents and children. Plus the popcorn is pretty tasty no matter how old you are.


You should look out for the movies now showing at cinemas to find one that your whole family will enjoy. For example, older children might enjoy an action comedy with laughs and plenty of adrenaline, while younger children enjoy animated films about animals having quirky, fun adventures. Everyone will be able to find a film to suit what they enjoy, so, read on for some reasons why you should head to the movies for a fun family activity.

The experience is memorable

While you might not enjoy standing in line to purchase tickets, your little ones will be feeling excitement and anticipation for seeing a fun and enjoyable film. Their excitement is sure to rub off on you, especially if you are taking your children to see a film like The Incredibles 2 (cue the childhood memories).


Sharing the theatre with other happy families can also make the experience more enjoyable for everyone, especially if the audience is having a shared experience while watching. In a comedy, everyone laughing together can make the film funnier, and when there is an action-packed scene in the Avengers’ franchise, the collective gasp of the audience makes it all the more exciting. Your children will develop fond memories of the cinema due to a memorable experience.

It can generate good discussions

Let’s face it: movies are not real life. But they can provide useful materials for discussions between parents and children, especially if your children are confused about something which happened in a film. For example, they might not understand the meanings behind some of the actions their favourite characters make.


After the movie is over, it’s fun to discuss the movie with your children and ask for their ideas about why certain things happened in the movie. One example is asking them about why we should always treat animals with respect after watching How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. In this film, some of the dragons are mistreated, and this can allow you to educate your children on how to care for animals properly.

You can build a tradition

Having family traditions is a good way to instil positive values into your children and it can provide them with positive memories of their childhood. One way to do this simply and effectively is to take your family to the movies once a month or over the weekend when something exciting is showing. This tradition is not only fun but it can strengthen their bond with you as a parent.


Be sure to choose films that everybody can enjoy and discuss. You could allow your youngest child to pick the first film you watch in a month and then allow your eldest to pick the second, or vice versa. Ensure that all choices are family friendly and do not have any disturbing topics or images in them. Your children will look back on these movie dates with smiles on their faces and you will also learn about their own individual tastes as they are able to choose the next film.

It is a fun way to spend an afternoon

More often than not, especially during school holidays, parents run out of ideas on what to do to keep their children busy. A family trip to the movies is a fun way to spend an afternoon together, and you will not have to worry about whether your children will quickly become bored or not.


You can buy boxes of popcorn each or a large to share between you and your family or opt for a combo-box with a cool drink and some sweet snacks to enjoy with your movie. Little ones will enjoy the unique experience and it will allow you to kill time during hot summer days if nobody is in the mood to go to the beach. With some rewards programmes, children are able to watch movies for free in the afternoon, so it will make for a fun and affordable activity.

Here’s looking at you, kid

Taking your family to the movies is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, and it will allow you to create traditions and memories at the same time. The experience is certainly one to be remembered (no matter how long the popcorn queue is) and some movies can provide topics for thoughtful discussions later on. Look for fun family films that everyone can enjoy, buy a box of popcorn and prepare for an exciting afternoon as a family.

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